London Information Directory

London is the capital city of EnglandUnited Kingdom and is the most populated city in the UK.  London is an amazing city to visit with so many things to do, see and experience.  It is a big city with a diversity of cultures that makes it the most interesting city to visit in the UK.  

Noisy, vibrant and filled with people all year round, London is a tourists delight.  The city has a convoluted rail system including the Underground, which is a maze of activity.  London has several airports, but the most famous one is Heathrow, which is the worlds busiest airport in terms of international passengers.  

London, whilst still being British and English has a culture so diverse that there are hundreds of other languages and nationalities that fill the streets and pubs making you think you could be anywhere in the world.

The city is a mixture of cosmopolitan and old heritage which you can see in the architecture of some of the buildings.  The public transport is excellent and tourists will find their way around with ease.

Things to do and see in London

There are many attractions in and around London to keep all ages of tourists entertained :-

  • Houses of Parliament
  • Greenwich Park
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Tower of London
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye

There are so many activities and attractions, the list is endless - please see the activities directory for more information.

Accommodation in London

London is completely geared towards the tourism industry and offers a vast selection of accommodation options in and around the area.  Bed and breakfasts, hotels, inns, self-catering units and pub accommodation, there is something to suit every taste and budget.  Please view the accommodation directory which gives tourists an extensive choice.

Restaurants and Businesses in London

There are several restaurants for the fine diner, as well as some wonderful eateries and the many pubs which provide superb local fare.  London is a global city, with culinary delights from all over the world to try and test.

Being the culture capital, London is the world's most-visited city by international visitors and as such, has many businesses in and around the city which provide various outlets from retail to industry and wholesale.  

View the restaurant and business directories for more information, or add your own free business listing.