Get to know your CBD: Important tips to consider when buying CBD oil

CBD oilCBD oil
CBD oilCBD oil


Get to know your CBD: Important tips to consider when buying CBD oil  

CBD oil has become a popular nutritional supplement for individuals who prefer to consume natural medication over conventional over-the-counter options. Before the fad started, it was easy to spot high-quality merchants because of it being such a niche market, however, today that is not the case. While there are certainly more CBD oil and CBD hemp oil options to choose from now, where does one start? Learning how to differentiate merchants is essential when buying CBD oil that is worth your while.

In-store it is easier to identify trustworthy brands, but online it’s not always easy to find red flags or negative signs. If you do your research and speak to professionals about these products, you will have a better understanding of which products are trustworthy and made from good quality counterparts.


Identifying good-quality CBD

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant and used for nutritional purposes. While the plant also contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) it’s important to note that CBD oil is only extracted from agricultural hemp. The health benefits will still be that of medical marijuana without the high feeling, making it a recommended health choice for any community member.

When searching for a quality merchant, look beyond the price. Low-grade CBD oil contains harmful toxins which can be detrimental to your health, so here are a few tips when looking to buy cannabidiol online:


  • How CBD Oil is extracted

Each company has their own extraction method. While there is no official manufacturing regulatory process thus far because of how new this industry is, the process of extraction is pricey for merchants if they do it the right way. If the merchant is creating low-quality oil products, they will make use of toxic solvents which include dangerous ingredients such as propane, hexane, pentane and butane. Two of these toxic chemicals are used in petrol and gas stove ranges, which is incredibly dangerous for human consumption. The good way to extract CBD oil or powder is through a CO2 extraction process, which requires expensive machinery to execute. This process ensures a pure and chemical-free extraction from start to finish. So, if you are purchasing cannabidiol in the UK and online, the merchant should stipulate the process on their website to help you understand more about their products.


  • The source of the plant

A high-quality cannabis plant needs to be planted in a soil-rich environment. Because of a characteristic which is known as hyperaccumulator, it’s important to note that a plant absorbs everything from the ground, and if its growing location and ‘food’ is poor, the condition and quality of the plant will be too. For example, if there is a high mercury content in the soil, the plant will include toxic minerals which are harmful to humans. In essence, the best quality and nutritional value goes beyond the extraction process and focuses on many variables that add to a high-quality CBD outcome. This is why you need to consider the entire planting, growing, equipment and extraction process used to produce the oil you are willing to buy. At the end of the day, it’s either improving your health or harming your body.


  • Analyse the amount of THC present in CBD oil

THC is a component of marijuana. And most people who think of cannabis think of the high you experience when you consume the THC chemical. CBD oil does not include enough of a dose to give the user a ‘high’ feeling, as it is solely produced for the health benefit thereof. The extraction process also eliminates THC to ensure that there is nothing more than 0.3 percent in the oil. Look at this dosage before purchasing a bottle as this will give you another indication of whether or not it is good quality or not.


  • Make sure it says ‘whole plant’ on the label

As briefly mentioned, the extraction process for CBD oil is expensive. There are many elements that merchants cut corners on, and one of them is using the whole plant. Good CBD is made from the entire plant and not just sections, meaning that you will be exposed to the full range of primary and secondary ingredients of the entire hemp plant. This will boost the CBD benefits and your health conditions. Low-quality products will only incorporate sections of the plant because that way it’s cheaper to produce.


Know your CBD

These are a few of the most important tips to consider when choosing to buy cannabidiol oil in the UK or elsewhere. While it might seem like a lengthy process and worth choosing the cheapest option, you’re inevitably damaging your body. Even though it is a natural product, you still need to analyse the ingredients and identify the pros to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on investment . When this trade becomes more popular and specialised, there will be CBD regulations when producing products, however, for now, do your research and find the most trustworthy brand to support your health.

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